These are the vocabulary words you are responsible for from Chapters 13, 14, and 15 (larger-font terms only). Note that you will be held responsible, on exams, for the term names when provided with the definitions (definitions are as found in italics on the pages reached by clicking on terms; exams can consist of more than just vocabulary word definitions, e.g., figure-based questions and bonus questions of various sorts are also permissible).

Use for studying for exam number 5.

Cleavage,  Blastula,  Gastrulation,  Gastrula,  Larva,  Metamorphosis,  Ediaccaran biota,  Cambrian explosion,  Body plan,  Radial symmetry,  Bilateral symmetry,  Dorsal,  Ventral,  Anterior,  Posterior,  Cephalization,  Body cavity,  Coelomates,  Pseudocoelomates,  Acoelomates,  Protostome development,  Deuterostome development,  Cleavage,  Determinate cleavage,  Radial cleavage,  Indeterminate cleavage,  Archenteron,  Blastopore,  Ecdyozoans,  Lophotrochozoans,  Lophophore,  Trochophore larva,  Invertebrates,  Suspension feeders,  Spongocoel,  Osculum,  Choanocytes,  Mesohyl,  Amoebocytes,  Hermaphrodites,  Phylum Cnidaria Gastrovascular cavity,  Polyps,  Medusa,  Cnidocytes,  Nematocysts,  Hydrozoans,  Scyphozoans,  Cuozoans,  Anthozoans,  Lophotrochozoa,  Proonephridia,  Planarians,  Trematodes,  Tapeworms,  Phylum Rotifera,  Alimentary canal,  Parthenogenesis,  Phylum Brachiopoda,  Exoskeleton,  Brachiopods,  Foot,  Visceral mass,  Mantle,  Mantle cavity,  Radula,  Chitons,  Gastropods,  Torsion,  Bivalves,  Cephalopods,  Polychaetes,  Oligochaetes,  Ecdysozoa,  Cuticle,  Molting,  Open circulation system,  Chelicerates,  Chelicerae,  Eurypterids,  Arachnids,  Book lungs,  Myriapods,  Mandibles,  Hexapods,  Insects,  Incomplete metamorphosis,  Compete metamorphosis,  Crustaceans,  Isopods,  Decapods,  Copepods,  Deuterostomia,  Deuterostomes,  FossilsStrataPaleontology,  Catastrophism,  Uniformitarianism,  Artificial selectionHomologyHomologous structureVestigial structure,  Evolutionary tree,  Convergent evolutionAnalogy (analogous)Biogeography,  Pangaea,  Endemic,  Genetic variation,  Average heterozygosity,  Geographic variation,  Cline,  Population Relative fitnessDirectional selectionDisruptive selectionStabilizing selection Intrasexual selectionIntersexual selectionNeutral variationBalancing selectionHeterozygous (heterozygote) advantageFrequency-dependent selection Microevolution,  Macroevolution Reproductive isolation,  Hybrids,  Morphological species conceptEcological species concept,  Phylogenetic species concept,  Allopatric speciationSympatric speciationPolyploidy AutopolyploidyAllopolyploidHybrid zone,  Reinforcement,  Punctuated equilibrium Macroevolution,  Protocell,  Ribozyme,  Radiometric datingHalf lifeGeologic record,  (ArchaeanProterozoicPhanerozoicPaleozoicMesozoicCenozoicOldest fossil cellsOldest fossil eukaryotesMassive diversification of animal phylaOldest fossil reptilesOldest tetrapodsOldest fossils of flowering plants),  Stromatolites,  Endosymbiotic theory,  Serial endosymbiosis,  Cambrian explosion,  Plate tectonics,  Pangaea,  Mass extinction,  (Permian mass extinctionCretaceous mass extinction),  Adaptive radiation,  Heterochrony,  Paedomorphosis,  Homeotic genes,  Water vascular system,  Tube feet,  Austeroidea,  Echinoiea,  Crinoidea,  Holouroidea,  Vertebrates,  Notochord,  Pharyngeal clefts,  Pharyngeal slits,  Lancelets,  Tunicates,  Craniates,  Neural crest,  Myxini,  Hagfish,  Petromyzontida,  Lamprey,  Conodonts,  Gnathostomes,  Lateral line system,  Placoderms,  Acanthodians,  Chondrichthyans,  Oviparous,  Ovovivaparous,  Cloaca,  Operculum,  Swim bladder,  Actinopterygii,  Ray-finned fishes,  Sarcopterygii,  Lobe-fins,  Amphibians,  Reptile,  Ecothermic,  Endothermic,  Parareptiles,  Diapsids,  Lepidosaurs,  Archosaurs,  Pterosaurs,  Dinosaurs,  Theropods,  Turtles,  Alligators,  Crocodiles,  Ratites,  Mammals,  Synapsids,  Primates,  Opposable thumbs,  Anthropoids,  Humans,  Paleoanthropology,  Australopiths,  Bipedalism,  Tool use,  Early Homo,  Neanderthals,