These are the vocabulary words you are responsible for from Chapters 11, 12, 13, 14, and 21-26 (larger-font terms only). Note that you will be held responsible, on exams, for the term names when provided with the definitions (definitions are as found in italics on the pages reached by clicking on terms; exams can consist of more than just vocabulary word definitions, e.g., figure-based questions and bonus questions of various sorts are also permissible).

Use for studying for exam number 3.

← this actually is a term from a later chapter, but I'm using it to replace a slightly different term found in this chapter


Quiz questions are presented above. Quiz question answers are from the list further above. Click on a question to view full entries including what term the question defines. Use your browser's back button or the <Backspace> button to return to this page (for ordered question you must manually return to this tab; refresh the page to reset back to 1). Use the button found above the questions to advance to a subsequent or randomly chosen question.

Randomized list of terms (please let me know of any errors/issues):

Non-randomized list of terms (please let me know of any errors/issues):