Microbial Genetics

∞ generated and posted on 2022.01.24 ∞

Study of information flow involving nucleic acids and proteins as it occurs particularly within bacterial cells.

Microbial Genetics is the study of gene function, control of gene expression, horizontal gene transfer, and mutation – and more recently in terms of genomics – both for the sake of better understanding microorganisms and using microorganisms as model systems to better understand genetics, including molecular genetics, more broadly.

Because DNA sequencing has become such powerful and ubiquitous means of characterizing organisms, including microorganisms, the study of microbial genetics has become a routine aspect of microbiological study. More classically, however, microbial genetics has involved the study of gene function, gene expression, and means by which genes can change over time, particularly via mutation or instead the acquisition of new DNA (horizontal gene transfer).

Contrast and compare with molecular genetics as well as genetics more generally, and also genomics.