These are the vocabulary words you are responsible for from Chapters 1, 2, and 3 (larger-font terms only). Note that you will be held responsible, on exams, for the term names when provided with the definitions (definitions are as found in italics on the pages reached by clicking on terms; exams can consist of more than just vocabulary word definitions, e.g., figure-based questions and bonus questions of various sorts are also permissible).

Use for studying for exam number 1.

PhysicsChemistryEvolution BiologyBiochemistryEmergent properties,  Systems biology,  Global climate change,  Cellular organismOrganismPopulationSpeciesCommunityEnvironmentBioticAbioticEcosystemBiosphereEukaryote (Eukaryotic cell) Prokaryote (Prokaryotic cell) DNAGene expression Genome Genomics Bioinformatics PhenotypeGenotypeHereditary materialRNAProteinNegative feedback,  Positive feedback,  Domain Bacteria (Bacteria) Domain Archaea (Archaea) Domain Eukarya (Eukarya) Natural selection Science Inquiry,  Data,  Inductive reasoning,  ReductionismSynthesisHypothesis,  Controlled experiment,  Independent variableDependent variableControlled variablesPositive controlNegative controlTheory,  Model organism,  Technology,  EnergyChemical bond Covalent bond Molecule Single bond Double bond Valence Electronegativity Nonpolar covalent bond Polar covalent bond Ion Cation Anion Ionnic bond Ionic compounds,  Salt Hydrogen bond van der Waals interactions,  Chemical reaction Reversible reactionReactantProductSteady stateDynamic equilibriumChemical equilibriumConcentration Catabolism (catabolic pathway) Anabolism (anabolic pathway) Bioenergetics Kinetic energyHeat energy,  Thermal energy,  Potential energyChemical energy,  Thermodynamics First law of thermodynamics Second law of thermodynamics Entropy,  Waste heatSpontaneous process Free energy,  Exergonic reaction Endergonic reaction Energy coupling ATP Phosphorylated intermediate,  Rate constantRate-limiting stepEnzymeCatalystActivation energySubstrateEnzyme-substate complex Active site Transition stateInduced fit Cofactor Coenzyme Competitive inhibition (inhibitors)Noncompetitive inhibition (inhibitors),  Allosteric regulation,  Allosteric inhibitionCooperativity Feedback inhibition Organic chemistry Hydrocarbon Isomer Structural isomer Geometric (cis-trans) isomer Enantiomer Functional group (Hydroxyl group) (Carbonyl group) (Carboxyl group) (Amino group) (Sulhydryl group) (Phosphate group) (Methyl group),  ATP MacromoleculePolymer Monomer Enzyme Dehydration synthesis (reaction)HydrolysisCarbohydrateSugarMonosaccharideDisaccharideGlycosidic linkage PolysaccharideStarchGlycogenCelluloseChitin LipidFatFatty acidTriglyceride (triacylglycerol) Saturated fatty acidUnsaturated fatty acidTrans fatty acid (fat),  Phospholipid Steroid CholesterolCatalyst PolypeptideProteinAmino acidPeptide bondSickle-cell disease,  Denaturation Chaperonins,  X-ray crystallography