These are the vocabulary words you are responsible for from Chapters 7, 8, and 9 (larger-font terms only). Note that you will be held responsible, on exams, for the term names when provided with the definitions (definitions are as found in italics on the pages reached by clicking on terms; exams can consist of more than just vocabulary word definitions, e.g., figure-based questions and bonus questions of various sorts are also permissible).

Use for studying for exam number 3.

Cell division Genome Chromosome G1 (phase) S phase G2 (phase) Metaphase plate Cleavage,  Cleavage furrow Cell plate,  Origin of replication Cycle control system,  Checkpoint,  G0 (phase) Cyclin,  Cyclin-dependent kinases (CdKs),  MPF,  Growth factor,  Density-dependent inhibition,  Anchorage dependence,  Transformation,  Benign tumor,  Malignant tumor,  Metastisis,  Heredity Genetic variation (variation) Genetics Gene DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) RNA (ribonucleic acid) Polynucleic acid (polynucleotide) Nucleotide Pyrimidine Purine Deoxyribose Ribose DNA replication Transformation Bacteriophage Phage,  Virus Antiparallel Semiconserviative replication (semiconserviative model) Origin of replication Replication forkHelicase Single-strand binding protein Topoisomerase,  Primer,  Primase Proofreading Mismatch repair,  Nuclease,  Nucleotide excision repair,  Heterochromatin Euchromatin Primary transcript,  Triplet code Template strand Reading frame RNA polymerase Promoter Transcription unit,  Start point,  Transcription factor Transcription initiation (complex) TATA box,  Transcription termination,  5' cap,  Poly-A tail,  RNA splicing,  Spliceosome Ribozymes,  Alternative RNA splicing,  Protein domains (domains),  tRNA Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase Wobble rRNAAnticodonP siteA siteE siteTranslation initiationTranslation elongationTranslation terminationPolyribosomes,  Protein foldingPost-translational modificationSignal peptide,  Signal-recognition particle,  (Gene expression)OperatorOperonRepressorRegulatory geneCorepressorInducerCyclic AMPActivator,  (Control of gene expression in eukaryotes)Differential gene expression,  Histone acetylation,  DNA methylation,  Epigenetic inheritance,  Control elements,  EnhancerRNA processing,  Alternative RNA splicingmRNA degradationProteasomes,  microRNAs,  RNA interference (RNAi),  small interfering RNA (siRNA),  Cellular differentiation (differentiation)Morphogenesis,  Cytoplasmic determinants,  Induction,  Determination,  Pattern formation,  Positional information,  Homeotic genes,  Embryonic lethals,  Maternal effect gene,  Egg-polarity genes,  Morphogen,  Oncogene,  Proto-oncogene,  Tumor-suppressor gene,  ras gene,  p53 gene,  Nucleotide-pair substitution,  Silent mutationMissense mutationNonsense mutationInsertionDeletionFrameshift mutationMutagenWhat is a gene? Genetics Character Trait True breeding Hybridization,  P generation F1 generation F2 generation Law of segregation,  Punnett square PhenotypeGenotypeTest cross Monohydrid,  Monohybrid crossDihybrid,  Dihybrid crossLaw of independent assortment,  Multiplication rule,  Addition rule,  Complete dominanceIncomplete dominanceCodominanceTay-Sacks disease,  PleiotropyEpistasisQuantitative characters,  Polygenic inheritance,  Norm of reaction,  Multifactoral,  Carrier,  Cystic fibrosis,  Huntington's disease,  Amniocentesis,  Chorionic villus sampling,  Chromosome theory of inheritance,  Wild type,  Sex-linked gene,  X-linked gene,  Duchenne muscular dystrophy,  Hemophilia,  Barr body Genetic recombinationParental typeRecombinant type,  RecombinantCrossing overGenetic mapLinkage map,  Map unit,  Cytogenic map,  NondisjunctionAneuploidyMonosomy (monosomic)Trisomy (trisomic)PolyploidyDeletionDuplication (chromosomal)Inversion (chromosomal)Translocation (chromosomal)Down syndromeGenomic imprinting Recombinant DNABiotechnologyGenetic engineeringPlasmid Restriction enzymeRestriction siteRestriction fragmentSticky endsDNA ligaseCloning vectorGenomic libraryBacterial artifical chromosome (BAC),  Complementary DNAcDNA library,  Nucleic acid hybridizationDNA probe (nucleic acid probe)Expression vectorElectroporation Restriction fragment length polymorphism,  RFLPSouthern blotting Northern blotting,  RT-PCR (reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction),  In situ hybridization,  DNA microarray assay,  In vitro mutagenesis,  (Site-directed mutagenesis),  RNA interference (RNAi)Genome-wide association studies,  Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP),  Totipotent,  Stem cell,  Pluripotent,  Gene therapy,  Tramsgenic,  Genetic profile,  Short tandem repeats (STRs),  Ti plasmidGenetically modified organism (GMO)