Biological Augmentation

∞ generated and posted on 2016.12.24 ∞

Adding biotic and/or abiotic components to environments to either restore or increase species diversity.

Biological augmentation goes beyond 'just' stopping the degradation of an environment and instead attempts to reverse that degradation. The organisms added can be or instead , often plants, and the abiotic components can be nutrients or some more substantial, including water.

The overall goal is to increase species diversity, hence augmenting the presence of biological components within an environment. Any abiotic augmentation thus can be viewed as a means towards achieving that increase or otherwise change in species diversity.

At a higher level, animals can be added back to environments under restoration, such as the .

The key thing to keep in mind about biological augmentation, and indeed restoration ecology generally, is that it is a whole lot easier to not degrade or destroy an environment in the first place than to try to restore that environment. Nonetheless, biological augmentation can go a long way towards restoring an environment and particularly so from an otherwise highly degraded state.