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Woody, seed-bearing plants that has cones rather than flowers as its reproductive organs.

Conifers are vascular plants with a substantially diminished gametophyte generation, the female version of which remains associated with its parental sporophyte throughout its life.

Conifers include the largest of plants, the redwoods and giant sequoias. Also included among the conifers are the familiar pines as well as spruce, yews, firs, cedars, and hemlocks.


Figure legend: Closeup of a Blue Star Juniper, a cultivar of Juniperous squamata, here growing in my rock garden (actually, parts of three plants are shown). These are the blue-green conifers found in all corners except the lower right. The lighter, brighter green plants are a that I ransplanted from my late mother's . Anybody have any ideas what pecies/variety it might be? Note that only the are onifers. The succulents are flowering plants and I believe that they are flowering in this photo (yellow).


Figure legend: Female cone(s) of an Eastern Hemlock, photographed on the campus of Ohio State University-Mansfield.

There exist vast regions of the Earth where conifer trees dominate, particular in the more northern forested portions of the northern hemisphere.

Conifers are members of phylum Coniferophyta.