Fine Focus

∞ generated and posted on 2016.01.14 ∞

Final means of focusing a microscope, which brings the specimen fully into focus.

The smaller or additional focusing dial on a microscope will change focus at a lower rate than will the coarse focus dial. This allows finer adjustment in focus than is typically possible (or easy) to achieve when using the coarse focus adjustment. Typically one starts with the coarse focus, getting the specimen approximatively in focus, before proceeding to the fine focus.

Fine Focus

Figure legend: The fine focus is adjusted using a dial that typically can be found inside the coarse focus dial. This dial also is farther away from the body of the microscope than the coarse focus dial.

It is possible for the fine focus to have limits to its adjustability. In this case it can be important to "center" the fine focus adjustment before using the coarse adjustment to bring the specimen into approximate focus. This way there should then remain adequate room for fine focus adjustment in both directions.