Particularly eukaryotic organisms that obtain organic compounds as nutrients often in association with digestion and possess cell walls consisting of chitin.

Fungi are chemoheterotrophs that tend to grow on or in the materials that they digest. Fungal growth typically though not always is associated with the production of hyphae and mycelia as well as pseudohyphae. Nutrients are across their plasma membranes following that digestion outside of their bodies (or thalli).

Cell division is in conjunction with mitosis and can involve binary fission or budding for yeasts, which are fungi. Fungal reproduction in conjunction with progeny typically follows spore production.

fungi include the yeasts and molds whereas fungi can be referred to as macrofungi or fleshy fungi.

Fleshy fungus



Diseases associated with fungi are called mycoses.

That taxon containing the fungi is kingdom Fungi and see there for additional discussion.

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