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Degree to which the apparent size of a specimen is increased as viewed by a microscope, telescope, individual lenses, etc.

The limits of magnification of light microscopes commonly is about 1000× though with superlative machines 2000× is possible. The total magnification for a compound microscope is a function of the magnification achieved by the objective lens in combination with that achieved by the ocular lens. Total magnification of 1000×, for example, is achieved by combining a 10× ocular-lens magnification with a 100× objective-lens magnification.

The greater the magnification the more detail that you potentially will be able to see. Note, however, that resolution can be as important as magnification in determining whether you are able to see fine detail. For example, in zooming in on an image, at some point of magnification the image will be quite pixilated. This point is the limit of resolution of the image you are looking at.