Biology as Poetry: Micro Pharmacology

Bacteriophage Ecology Group

Microbial Pharmacology

Development and application of chemicals especially to cure or control infectious disease.

Obviously this is an amalgam of the concept of microbiology or microorganism with that of pharmacology, dealing especially with use of germicides, antibiotics, virucides, fungicides, etc., but also disinfectants. As such, I am employing the concept more as an organizing principle rather than making any claims that it is widely used as a term.

The following is a list of concepts terms associated with the mircrobial pharmacology:

AbsorptionAntagonismAntibacterialAntibiogramAntibioticAntibiotic resistanceAntibiotic sensitivityAntibiotic targetBacitracinBactericidalBacteriostaticBeta-lactam antibioticsBeta-lactam ringBeta lactamaseBroad spectrum of activityBroth dilution testCarbapenemsCephalosporinsChemotherapyChloramphenicolChromosomal resistanceDisk-diffusion methodDrugEnzymatic inactivation of a drugErythromycinFusion inhibitorIntegrase inhibitorMacrolide antibioticsMinimal bactericidal concentrationMinimal inhibitory concentrationMinimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)MRSANarrow spectrum of activityNucleoside analogPenicillinsPhage therapyPharmacodynamicsPharmacokineticsPolypeptide antibioticsPresumptive treatmentPrevention of penetration to target siteProtease inhibitorQuinolonesRapid effluxResistance plasmidRifampinSelective toxicitySemisyntheticSide effectsSpectrum of activitySulfanilamides (sulfa drugs)SuperinfectionSynergySynthetic drugTetracyclinesVancomycinVREZone of inhibition

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