Highly local variants in , availability of , and , etc.

This variation can range from micro scales as viewed on a or in terms of or down to dimensions that can sustain a relatively small population of bacteria. The important point is consistent variation from prevailing conditions as measured on more macro scales.

Variation in microclimate thus can vary some organisms in relatively small versus even otherwise adjacent environmental patches. The result can be a distribution in organisms present even over small scales that is a function of variation in local .

Microclimate will vary in multiple ways going from the tops of trees to deep into underlying . It will vary as a function of small differences in or instead in terms of the direction a hill's slope faces.

It will vary also a function of the distribution of other biotic as well as abiotic factors. The microclimate under a thus will differ, for example, from that adjacent to a more open stretch or along the bank of a relative to further inland.

See also climate and contrast with .